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Life is full of colour…

And colour makes life full.

Soraa’s VIVID 2 downlights fully illuminate the colours in life; because they softly emit perfect spectrum light.

The colour rendering index (or CRI) is very important to light quality. Interestingly, many LED retailers do not want you to focus on the CRI of the lamp, but at Deco Place we believe it is very important to actually enjoy the ambiance and quality of the light, not just the energy savings.

Vivid downlights have a CRI of 95 and an R9 of 95, which makes peoples’ faces warm because colours are vibrant, with reds, pinks and oranges especially rich in colour. Often other LEDs create an artificial or clinical feel to a room because of their lower CRI, which makes warm coloured objects appear dusty, dull and often stark. However, with Vivid downlights the superior quality of light creates a real sense of warmth, calm and vitality.

Furthermore, the violet emission from the VIVID downlights properly excites the optical brighteners and renders white materials brightly, just like under natural light sources such as incandescence and sunlight. Other blue-LED-based lamps are incapable of exciting these optical brighteners, and therefore, make white objects look yellow and dingy.

The SORAA VIVID 2 LED MR16 lamp, winner of the red dot design award, is based on Soraa’s second generation GaN on GaN LEDs, which deliver a 40% increase in light output from the first generation ones. Combined with a high quality optic and beautifully designed heatsink and complimentary electronic circuit; this tiny, yet bright, single light source delivers a beam that has minimal spill light, and renders crisp shadows.

Importantly, the VIVID downlights are compatible with a wide range of fixtures, transformers and dimmers.

Please call Ashley at Deco Place on 0430 031 444 with specific questions you would like answered.

The specifications of VIVID downlights sold at Deco Place are as follows:

CRI                                >95, R9>90 – full colour spectrum light just like halogens

Colour Temp               2700 Kelvin – warm white

Lumens                        460 lm

Watts                            11.5 W – 77% electricity saving compared to halogens

Lumens per Watt       40 lm/W

Beam Angle                 36 degrees

Dimmable                    Yes – to 20%

Form Factor                 MR16 – made to easily retrofit standard halogen downlights

Base                              GU5.3 – Do it yourself, no electrician required.

Voltage                          12v – compatible with most transformers and dimmers

Warranty                      3 years

Expected usage           35,000 hours

Certifications               RoHS, CE, C-tick

Use                                 Recessed downlights, track lighting, enclosed fixtures

Dimensions                  50 mm width x 47.4 mm depth

CBCP                             1200 – The Center Beam Candle Power matches standard halogens

Weight                          40 grams

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